Weekends can be intense when you're flying solo with twins.  This weekend was no exception!  There were a lot of highs and lows, meltdowns and victory struts. :)  Here are a few highlights.

You know your kid has had too many injuries when everybody has a role to play and knows what to do when they happen... again.  He's got an ice pack in a pillowcase on his head, he's in bed, and his brother is reading to him to make him feel better. 

The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent with the typically toddler mayhem. You know like blowing bubbles in water or just in the air, "helping" mom with her redecorating projects, floor snorkeling, or just chatting.

But my favorite moment was finally finding a pasta substitute my kid would eat.  :)  Spaghetti squash bake for 30 minutes and pulled apart with a fork.  So good and so not wheat flour!  Woo-hoo!  Topped with my 6 hour sauce even I couldn't tell it wasn't pasta. :)