Sounds crazy but I've often wondered what folks did with hyper little boys in the Victorian era.  There was no TV. There was no youtube, netflix, or battery operated toys.  Today the boys were being their very normal crazed selves and I said "that it!"  I turned everything off.  Anything with an electronic hum (except the frig) was powered down: phones, remote control cars, laptops, central heating, everything!    I found a cozy spot and started crocheting an afghan I started last winter.  

Without a word from me both boys found books and sat near me.   Eek!   It was soooo nice.  From 7:30 until bedtime we sat in the light of a single lamp quietly working with occasional conversation about what we're doing.  When I decided to snap a few pictures nobody moved or even looked up.

I'm going to try it again tomorrow.  Wish me luck (peace and quiet).   :)