The weekend is only 2 days long and we're only half way through but it seems long.   I'm training my boys to entertain themselves and each other.  I am not their entertainment.  I counted and my youngest son came looking for me anytime I was out of sight for more 45 seconds.  Um... no! That is not going to work.  He wasn't looking for me because he needed reassurance or was lonely.  He was just bored. So every time they came calling, I redirected them elsewhere.  When I forced them to use their imaginations, they came up with amazing games and activities.  When I create activities they "play" with them briefly, out of obligation, and wander away.  Their games are elaborate and rich and they play for hours!

This weekend we're studying bio-luminescence. We made glow worms, fireflies, and jelly fish from a kit.  I helped with the sharp parts and redirected them (with no explicit thing to do) each time they came looking for me.  They played with those bugs all day.  I've been doing this ALL wrong and short changing my children.  I can't imagine what kind of seeds are planted when children are allowed to (or be forced to) be creative.

Enough of that.  Here's a few images from day.  It's a mini-DITL.