I wish I had a list of all the things I thought I'd never do ... before I became a parent.  The top of the list was eating in the car. Gross!


Another was making my kids wait while I fiddled (unnecessarily) with some device.


Daily use of electronic devices.  In my defense there are iPads at preschools now and teachers use youtube to reinforce concepts.

No guns.  In my defense my boys are all about explosions, guns, trucks, and family.  It occurred to me the other day that I'm not originally from Texas but they're born and raised Texans.  :)  I couldn't be more proud.

No sleeping in my bed.  As the mom of twins sleep is very important.  I'm noticeable less patient and less creative as a parent with less sleep.  I sleep trained my boys at 5 months (no I didn't use CIO) and within a week they didn't need a bottle at night and slept 12 hours.  As a result I easiest babies ever.  Turns out temperamental ones (including little boys) are sleep deprived.  Who knew?!  I think a lot of moms don't actually... 



There are many many more but you get my point.  If you're not a parent then... Shhh!