I mentioned in my bio that I work full-time and homeschool my boys.  A few people have asked me why.  A few more people have asked me how.  I'll address the first question here. 

The answer is simple. 

The FIRST reason is because we didn't have a good experience with school.  None of us.  I had ONE teacher I adored out of 6 or 7 teachers the boys had.  The teachers expected my boys to sit motionless while they read, in monotone, from a pictureless book at 3 years old!  Seriously?  What three year old BOY does that?  In my opinion not a healthy one.  The little girls managed.  The little boys didn't.  None of them.  Not mine and not any of the other little boys.  It was heartbreaking to watch healthy, active, bright little boys being treated like miscreants because they weren't behaving like girls.  I didn't find this video until after I pulled my boys from school but boy was it validating.

Watch this:  War on Boys

The SECOND reason is because I believe in instilling a high degree of independence, self-sufficiency, and trust in my children.  I can't let my children take a bus alone at 3 years old like they do in Japan but I still have plenty of options.  Options my children will never have cuddled in a state run school environment. 

Read this: 1 year old girl goes shopping in Japan

The THIRD reason is because I'm a software instructor and I like teaching. Here's me teaching them sign language at 4 months old long before I knew I wanted to homeschool.

There are many many other little reasons from the school lunch menu to the ridiculously early schedule but these are my top three.