How to get your child to HOLD still for photos?

I'm sure there are dozens of ways but most of us resort to good old fashion bribery.  Ice cream for a picture?   I found another solution... practice.  Sounds silly but I made a game out of holding still.  You see my kids didn't mind holding still for the fraction of a second it took to fire off a few frames.  What they didn't like was being told to hold still when they thought they were.  I can't tell you how many times I heard "I am still!"  What they meant was their feet were still.  What did I do?  Like everything we don't get quite right, we practiced!


Have your child balance a book or magazine on their head. 

Make it fun.  You go first.  Show them it takes a few tries before you can make the book stay.


Encourage them to try again when the book falls. 


After a bit of practice mine were excited to show off their newly minted skills for the camera.  The best part was they were entirely motionless including weird frozen facials expressions. Nevermind the magazine draped across their heads.  Not to worry.  You won't have to clone magazines out of every portrait.   Next time your child is ready for their close up, simply ask them toPRETEND they have a book on their head. 

Voila!  Beautiful portraits from perfectly still children.